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Are you ready to unlock your basement’s potential?

Basement Renovations in Simcoe County

Home Renovation Services

Are you tired of using the valuable basement space as a giant junk drawer? Are you ready to unlock your basement’s potential and turn it into a guest suite, a man cave, or a family room? With professional basement renovation in Simcoe County offered by Alexander Belmonte Design Inc. (ABDI) , you can fully realize your design ideas and truly transform your basement into something special.

Basement Renovations in Simcoe County3
Basement Renovations in Simcoe County2

Professional Basement Renovations in Simcoe County by ABDI

Over the years, Alexander Belmonte Design Inc. has successfully served numerous clients looking for professional basement renovation in Simcoe County. Our efficient basement finishing and remodeling services are suitable for virtually any basement project you can think of, from floorings and trimmings to moisture control and the installation of air systems. By working with premium quality materials and following proven techniques, we will be able to create the most long-lasting and professional space in your basement.

Dedicated to the Safety of Your Family

Our renovators at Alexander Belmonte Design Inc. will not only finish or remodel your basement but will also make sure that the health and safety of your family are not on the line. If required, we can ensure that your home is free from harmful radiation by using professional radon detection tools.

One-Stop Shop for Your Basement Remodel Needs

At ABDI, we can help to meet all of your basement remodel or finishing goals and provide you with the basement space of your dreams. We are a one-stop shop for all the necessary basement renovation services, – when you work with us, you don’t need to worry about finding and contacting multiple basement renovation contractors.

Real Basement Space Transformation

When you choose Alexander Belmonre Design Inc. for your basement renovations in Simcoe County, you can transform your space into virtually anything you desire. The versatility of our services ensures that you can add an extra bedroom, a home office, a basement bar, or a fully functional kitchen… The possibilities are endless!

Basement Renovations in Simcoe County
Basement Renovations in Simcoe County4

How to Prepare for Basement Renovation

Thinking about renovating your basement? Here is how to get started:

Plan Ahead

Think about the purpose of your basement remodel. What type of layout would you like to see? What square footage are you working with? Planning ahead will ensure that the final basement space fully meets your needs.

Define a Realistic Budget

Your budget will determine the extent of the structural changes you can make in your basement, as well as the quality of your basement finishes.

Compare Several Contractors

Your basement renovation contractor will be your partner in this project, so it is important to evaluate your options carefully and choose somebody you feel comfortable with.

If you are looking for somebody you can trust with your home renovation project, look no more!

At ABDI, we will use the highest quality of products for your renovation project and deliver premium quality service at the end.

The Basement Reno of Your Dreams is 3 Steps Away!

When you choose to work with ABDI for your basement renovation in Simcoe County, you can rest assured that your basement is in good hands. Here is the 3-step process we like to follow with each of our home renovation projects:

FREE In-Home Consultation

At Alexander Belmonte Design Inc., we will work together with you to create a basement renovation plan that will work with your budget and your creative vision.At an agreed time, our master basement contractor will visit your home to go over the project details, covering any preferences you may have for your new basement space. We will bring colour and design samples with us, discuss your ideas and options, carefully measure the area, and provide you with a written proposal.

Professional Installation

We will schedule your basement renovation at a suitable time for you and your family. Our basement renovation contractors will start by removing any existing flooring or walls as needed. After that, we will frame the area, install drywall, add trim, install new flooring and lighting, and paint the area. During the work, we will follow all the safety standards and cleanup the worksite daily. We will also deliver regular reports, so that you can be confident that the project is progressing as planned.

Project Wrap-Up

Once your basement renovation in Simcoe is complete, our basement contractor will meet with you to perform a final walkthrough and ensure that you are satisfied with your new space. Now, it’s time for you and your family to enjoy your updated basement area!

Are you ready to turn your basement into a finished, usable space?

Contact Alexander Belmonte Design Inc. today to get a fee in-home estimate.