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Alexander Belmonte Design Inc.

About Our Simcoe Home Renovation Company

about us

Who We Are

Based in Alliston, Ontario, Alexander Belmonte Design Inc. (ABDI) was founded by Alexander Belmonte in 2020. With unparalleled passion for home design and renovation, he has learned the intricacies of construction work from his father, who has worked in the industry for over 40 years. After 10 additional years of independent work experience, Alexander has started his own company with the goal of delivering high-quality, personalized, and budget-friendly home renovation solutions to the residents of Alliston and the rest of Simcoe County.

Today, ABDI is among the fastest-growing home renovation companies in Simcoe County, offering comprehensive interior and exterior renovation services. From backyard interlocking and porch renovations to basement finishing and bathroom re-tiling, we can take care of all of your home update needs. With everything we do, we focus on premium quality and meticulous attention to detail, which allows us to deliver services you can trust at budget-friendly prices.

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Our Commitment

At Alexander Belmonte Design Inc., we are dedicated to providing reliable design and renovation services without breaking the bank.

With extensive training and rich industry experience, the team at our Simcoe home renovation company is able to deliver some of the best interior and exterior repair and renovation services on the market, completely customized to your goals, budget, and timeline requirements.

Quality is the number one priority with everything we do.

Every project we complete is carefully put together to last for years to come.

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

We are able to achieve it with state-of-the-art technology and premium-quality materials.

We will never run after the profits.

Everything we do is guided by our commitment to deliver excellent home renovation services.

Why Work With Alexander Belmonte Design Inc.

While Simcoe is rich in home renovation companies, choosing the right one for your home improvement project is crucial to receiving the service that will meet your goals and leave you satisfied with the result. At ABDI, we are committed to delivering fully-customized services to each and every one of our clients, following your vision and budget requirements.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose us as your home renovation company in Simcoe County

we are committed to delivering fully-customized services to each and every one of our clients

Working with the right company is key to receiving high-quality, long-lasting renovation services. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us as your home renovation company in Simcoe County

Extensive Experience

Combined, our skilled home renovation contractors have decades of specialized experience in a variety of home renovation areas, from exterior interlocking and porch construction to indoor tiling and remodeling. Dedicated training combined with extensive experience allows our Simcoe home renovation company to deliver superior services to the residents of the county.

Superior Quality

Over our rich history of delivering home renovation services, we have seen first-hand what difference high-quality materials and the right processes and procedures can make in the project outcome. As such, we are committed to providing superior-quality services with the use of state-of-the-art renovation technologies and professional-grade construction materials.

Customized Approach

At Alexander Belmonte Design Inc., we recognize that each homeowner has their own vision and comes with their own budget and timeline requirements. Therefore, we aren’t afraid to spend the time getting to know you, understanding your goals, and coming up with a unique solution for YOUR project. When you work with us, you can be confident that your home project is truly one-of-a-kind.

Unparalleled Honesty

Whether your home requires a complete remodel or your needs can be met with a minor repair, our renovation experts will advise you on the best course of action to take. With everything we do, we aren’t guided by profits. Instead, we aim to create an honest relationship with you and ensure that you are completely satisfied with the final outcome.

Budget-Friendly Rates

With extensive industry experience, we were able to perfect the efficiency of our processes and build great relationships with our suppliers. As a result, we can offer premium-quality interior and exterior home renovation solutions at more budget-friendly prices as compared to other home renovation companies in Simcoe.

Still not sure that Alexander Belmonte Design Inc. is the right home renovation company for your Simcoe home?

Do not hesitate to give us a call! At ABDI, we can solve virtually any interior or exterior home renovation challenge, with the quality you can trust. Our team of renovation professionals will be happy to cover our services in more detail and provide you with a free no-obligation estimate.