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Your Trusted Home Renovation Contractor in Simcoe County

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Are you ready to give your home a makeover?

Unique services

Looking for a Trusted Home Renovation Contractor in Simcoe County?

From aged porches to outdated bathrooms, there are many reasons you might be looking for a trusted home renovation contractor in Simcoe County.

Look no further! At Alexander Belmonte Design Inc. (ABDI), we specialize in solving any exterior or interior home renovation challenge for our clients across Simcoe County. Our house renovation contractors have highly-specialized training and decades of hands-on-experience, and the premium quality of everything we do puts us well ahead of the competition.

Our Interior & Exterior Renovation Services

We are passionate about transforming Simcoe homes, from inside out! Whether you are looking to add character to your home’s curb appeal, transform your backyard, or give your bathroom a tiling update, we can help.

Here is how our home renovation contractors in Simcoe can help you meet your renovation goals:


Interlocking paving presents natural stone, brick, or concrete pavers arranged in a way similar to cobblestone paths. With interlocking, each piece limits the movement of its neighboring pieces, which allows our Simcoe home renovation contractors to forego the use of mortar or cement. It also means that the pavers can be arranged in complex shapes and curves, making it ideal for creating stunning landscape designs. Whether you are looking to install an interlock patio, a full backyard interlock, or an interlocking driveway, we can help.
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Interior Home Renovations

ABDI home renovation contractors in Simcoe County can help to turn your residence into a customized space that will perfectly match the needs of your family. We can handle every aspect of interior home renovation and design, from simple one-room remodels to the most complex renovation projects.

Our Services

Here are some of the most popular interior home renovation services that we offer:

Basement Renovations

We offer efficient and reliable basement remodeling and finishing services, suitable for virtually any basement project. From trimmings and floorings to the installation of air systems and moisture control, At Alexander Belmonte Design Inc. we can take care of all of your basement renovation needs. By following proven techniques and using only the best quality of materials, we will be able to build a long-lasting finished basement space in your home.

Tiling Service

Are you thinking of re-tiling your kitchen, entryway, or bathroom? At Alexander Belmonte Design Inc., we are happy to offer professional tiling services performed by true tiling experts. With specialized training and decades of experience, our tiling team knows all the ins and outs of the tiling process, including repair, demolition, and installation. We also work with multiple types of high-quality materials, including ceramics, porcelain, and natural stone tiles.

Slate Floor Tiles

Among other tiling options, slate floor tiles stand out with their natural elegance and unparalleled durability. Because slate is a mountain-born natural rock, it offers superior resistance to scratches or dents and flaunts unique natural textures. Whether you are thinking about updating your shower tiles or remodelling your kitchen, our broad selection of slate tiles at Alexander Belmonte Design Inc. can help you in truly transforming your space.

A beautiful house view with wooden floor and garden around it and a garage on left side with windows on front of house.
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Porch Renovations

Front porch is not only a crucial component of your home’s character and curb appeal; it acts as a gateway to your home, welcoming you and your guests and setting the mood for the visit. If you are looking to create a safe and attractive porch, porch renovation services from ABDI will be the right choice for you. Our experienced porch contractors will be able to complete your porch renovation project in a timely and efficient manner, with the excellent quality of workmanship always at the top of their minds.

Why Choose ABDI As Your Simcoe Renovation Contractor?

If you ever searched for “home renovation contractor near me”, you would notice that there are numerous home renovation contractors in Simcoe County.

However, working with the right company is key to receiving high-quality, long-lasting renovation services. The good news is, at Alexander Belmonte Design Inc., we are ready to go above and beyond to ensure that you receive premium-quality service with the results that will last you for many years to come.

Here is why you should consider working with our renovation contractors in Simcoe

working with the right company is key to receiving high-quality, long-lasting renovation services.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose us as your home renovation company in Simcoe County

Customized Approach

At ABDI, we understand that each customer is different, with his or her own unique requirements, vision, and renovation goals. We know that when it comes to home improvement, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we plan and execute a customized project to serve each client in the best possible way.

Top-Notch Quality

With years of industry experience, we recognize what difference the right materials and processes can make when it comes to renovation projects. Therefore, we are dedicated to giving your home an update that not only looks great but will also keep looking (and functioning!) great for many years to come.

Uncompromised Honesty

Whether your residence needs a minor repair or a complete remodel, our expert house renovation contractors can help you to make the best decision for your home. In our work, we aren’t guided by profits, - instead, our goal is to build an honest relationship with each of our clients and deliver upon our promises.

Unparalleled Experience

Our Simcoe home renovation contractors have specialized education and decades of experience working on interior and exterior home improvement projects. Extensive industry experience allows us to deliver a broad selection of services, with premium quality you can be confident in.

Competitive Rates

Home renovation can get pricey, we get it. That’s why, at Alexander Belmonte Design Inc., we do our best to make premium-quality renovation services available to the general population. All of our services are offered at fair pricing, so that you can give your home an update without emptying your pockets.

Are you looking for a home renovation contractor in Simcoe County? Call ABDi Inc. today to discuss how we can turn your project into reality.